Gelncoe Scotland

Glencoe, Lochaber, Scotland

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The contemporary material includes photographs used in a number of illustrated books  "The Landscape of Scotland", "Ancestral Castles of Scotland", "The Landscape of London", "St Paul's: The Story of the Cathedral" and "Panoramas of London". 

The archive material includes family photographs, letters and memorabilia from the nineteenth century through to the early twentieth century. 

Images from the last four years of the Royal Tournament at Earl's Court ending in 1999 and for the four years of the British Military Tournament from 2010 to 2013.


All images are available for sale

 enquiries sampsonlloyd@blueyonder.co.uk


"A Family History of the Illustrious, Notorious and Eccentric Lloyds of Birmingham, Brigstock and Pipewell Hall" 

"The Flowers of Stratford"   the story of the birth of the Royal Shakespeare Company

"David Lloyd's Collection of early aeroplane photographs and extracts from his Flying Diaries"

"Wimbledon Common"   landscape images taken on an iPhone.



"The Flowers of Stratford" A promotional documentary for Whitbread & Co telling the story of the family who founded Flowers Brewery and the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, now known as the Royal Shakespeare Company, in Stratford-upon-Avon. The film was made in the 1980s to promote the re-introduction of Flowers Beers.

David Lloyd, was a rifle maker and deer stalker who developed a unique telescopic sight mount that ensured a rifle would stay zeroed in all conditions. He also designed high velocity disintegrating ammunition for Holland & Holland specifically for shooting deer which reduced the possibility of wounding and losing a beast. In 2012 the Shooting Times did a piece on the 12 greatest rifles of all time. The David Lloyd .244 Magnum came in at no 9. The Kalshnikov AK47 came in at no 8. This film explores a day on "The Hill" in Scotland and follows the stalkers. The commentary is based on interviews with the participants and explains what deer stalking involves in graphic detail. It was originally broadcast on Scottish Television in the 1970s.

Evadne 'Bobby' Lloyd (née Flower) and her brother Fordham Flower, travelled round the world in 1931 and recorded their journey on 16mm film. They were accompanied by another brother sister combo, Geoffrey and Sylvia Roberts. Most of the material was 16mm black and white but some colour material was also shot using the Lenticular Kodacolor technology. As yet I have been unable to find the filtration system required to re-convert the lenticular stripe back into colour. I live in hope! This film is as they edited it with captions.

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