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My great grandfather Samuel Lloyd with his children outside the family home "Farm", Sparkbrook, Birmingham

Links to Lloyd Family Archive Material

A brief History of the Lloyd Family Old Lloyd Family Photographs  The war letters from Timothy Lloyd 1943-1944 written to his mother   "A Clear Premonition", the letters of Timothy Lloyd killed at Arezzo in Italy in 1944 edited by Raleigh Trevelyan and published in 1995   "Darling Mummie " Proposal for at TV documentary based on the war letters of Timothy Lloyd 1943-1944  David Lloyd's collection of Early Aircraft  Tim Lloyd's Marionette Notebook  David Lloyd Flying Diaries and Log Books  David Lloyd Wartime Black & White Negatives  Letters from Paris from Mary Constance Lloyd during the Second World War A Family History of the Illustrious, Notorious and Eccentric Lloyds of Birmingham, Brigstock and Pipewell Hall

Links to Flower Family Archive Material

My great grandfather Edgar Flower with family members, Middle Hill, Worcestershire circa 1895

A brief history of the Flower Family  The Flowers of Stratford  Sir Archibald Flower Sketch Book 1885  Sir Archibald Flower Sketch Book 1925   "Bits and Bearing Reins" by Edward Fordham Flower  Great Aunt Sarah's Diary  "Flowers of Stratford" Film Proposal  Evadne Flower's photographs from a trip to Russia in 1939  Great Aunt Sarah's Diary  Great Aunt Sarah's Photograph Album  Edgar Flower's Sketch Book 1870  Early Shakespeare Memorial Theatre Autographs  "The Flowers of Stratford" a documentary film made for Whitbread & Company on the re-introduction of Flowers Beers in the 1980s 1931 World Tour by Bobby and Fordy Flower filmed in 16mm

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